Speech to Text via Email

In case you missed Frank McPherson’s comment on my previous blog rant on both speech and handwriting recognition losing to thumb keyboards…

Frank mentioned a web service I had not heard of before: (not to be confused with JotSpot which has a URL).
Founded by two ex-Microsoft-ies, this web service lets you call it from your mobile phone, transforms your voice message into text, and then emails the text back to you.

I’m tempted to try it except for one little problem… I’m always leery of giving out my phone number to any web service. The thought of a security breach that reveals all phone numbers stored by a service or an errant piece of software that starts dialing madly concerns me a lot (obviously). The Jott service requires you to provide your phone number. It probably uses Caller ID to identify you to determine which email address to send text of your voice message.

If you are less paranoid than me and have tried this service, let me know how it is working for you.

BTW, you can find Frank’s own blog covering mobile technology at: Pocket pC Hints and Tips.