Use Bluetooth with ActiveSync instead of USB

Microsoft took away ActiveSync over the network (wired and wireless) a few versions ago and did not give it back with Windows Mobile Device Center. But, the sometimes flaky USB connection is not your only alternative.

My K-JAM Pocket PC Phone Edition, for example, syncs on the first attempt over USB. But, it somehow corrupts ActiveSync on the desktop for subsequent syncs unless I reboot my PC (and, yes, I’ve tried terminating and restarting the ActiveSync service). None of my other Windows Mobile devices causes this problem. Just the K-JAM. My solution has been sync the K-JAM using Bluetooth exclusively. This does not corrupt ActiveSync for subsequent sync sessions. The only downside is that I need to initiate ActiveSync from the K-JAM.

The GeekZone has detailed information on setting this up….

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If you have ActiveSync Bluetooth issues, take a look at this Microsoft Bluetooth FAQ…

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