Moblogging to Microsoft Live Spaces (aka MSN Spaces)

Continuing on with Moblogging week… MSN Spaces got a web facelift and renamed Windows Live Spaces earlier this year. Like Blogger and Yahoo! 360, you can email text and photos from your cameraphone to your blog. Unlike the other services, it doesn’t have an external write-up you can read without logging in. So, here’s some information in case you are considering using Live Spaces.

  • Login to Live Spaces with your Passport account
  • Click on Options on the upper far right side of the window
  • Click on Email Publishing in the left sidebar
  • Fill out the web form and read the instructions about moblogging to your Live Spaces blog

If you are a MSN Soapbox video beta-tester, you can post videos from it to your Live Spaces blog (though you cannot post video directly from your cameraphone).