Is Your Child a Blackberry Orphan?

If your child texts you to get your attention, you probably have a Blackberry Orphan according to the Wall Street Journal article…

Blackberry Orphans

Blackberry-ies, PDAs, and Smartphones’ ability to keep you connected 24×7 can produce addictive behavior that keeps you staring and typing at it all day (and night) long. Like most maladaptive addictive behavior, this can lead to personal relationship problems (though the people at the other end of your mobile device is probably equally addicted and feeds on your stream of email, IMs, and SMS messages). The WSJ article focuses on the impact Blackberry addiction has on the children of addicted adults.

I don’t think I’m that kind of parent myself, but, umm, ‘scuse me, incoming message, gotta attend to that 🙁 Seriously though. It is a good idea for gadget-prone parents to take a step back once in a while for a little self-assessment. And, yes, I include myself in that group.