PowerPoint for Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PCs

Reader K.N asks: I have axim x51v with pocket pc 2002 installed, can I upgrade the OS to windows mobile 2005? Those technicials or supporting engineers can’t really help. The x51v I am using came with windows mobile 5.0, but the feature of powerpoint is view only, not editing. The editing feature is available in Pocket pc 2003 or later. do all these versions belong to the same family of windows mobile 5.0?

K.N. The Axim X51v Pocket PC only ships as a Windows Mobile 5 device. So, that is what you already have. Windows Mobile 5 is also the first version of Windows Mobile to ship with PowerPoint Mobile. So, there is no previous version from which features were lost. My guess is that you are thinking of a third party application called Conduits Pocket Slides which has some slide editing features.